What can you expect from DecompileD 2018?

DecompileD is the conference for true movers and shakers of the tech scene: engineers and developers will gain first-hand insights into new technologies, trends and best practices in the fields of mobile, cloud and machine learning. Start-up founders, product owners and decision-makers will hear more than just buzzwords at DecompileD and can better understand current technological challenges and the state-of-the-art thanks to direct case studies.

How it works: in workshops, talks and sessions you will deepen your knowledge, benefit from the lessons learnt by others and have the chance to further develop yourself at DecompileD. In the meet-up area – a place where different meet-up groups introduce themselves – and at the after-show party with a poker event there will be the opportunity for ample networking and in-depth discussions.

The DecompileD Conference represents a new hub for exchange between true tech movers and shakers – be there!

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Vladimir Ivanov

Vladimir Ivanov

Lead Software Engineer EPAM Systems
Mirko Seifert

Mirko Seifert

Co-Founder DevBoost GmbH
More announcements coming soon


We want to offer you a unique experience at DecompileD 2018 and are thus working hard on the program (announcement planned for end of February). If you would like to contribute and present an exciting topic in the fields of mobile, cloud or machine learning, then make the most of the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience at DecompileD:

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The deadline is February 23, 2018

Why should you take part?

The DecompileD Conference is particularly valuable for all engineers, developers, tech founders and product owners who miss in-depth professional exchange and real case studies at other conferences or want to be immersed in the tech community.

5 reasons for DecompileD

  1. Benefit from the lessons learnt by experienced practitioners and international movers and shakers of the tech scene
  2. Gain insights into tried and tested practices in fields of mobile, cloud platform engineering and machine learning
  3. Exchange information with like-minded people on trends, methods and best practices
  4. Network with people who are facing the same challenges as you
  5. Have fun at the wonderful after-show party and challenge your new buddies at the poker table

What are you waiting for?

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Press accreditation

Please contact our press team if you would like accreditation. We will let you know further details as soon as possible.

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