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Opening Speech


Stubborn on the vision – flexible on the details: How Amazon teams build for speed and stability

Nils Heuer, Global Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services

Amazon is made up out of thousands of so-called 2 pizza teams: Small, independent entities that work on the whole that makes up, AWS and others. In this talk we dive into some of the details behind this approach and how we use it internally, but also increasingly when working with our customers.

Hunger versus fear: Willing your way to success

Riley Weber, Software Engineer @ The Meet Group

This is the story of a junior developer and his journey taking on a large-scale, long-term, publicly-announced project and overcoming the fear of failure with a strong hunger to succeed. Learn about the challenges he faced, how he rose above them, and how to apply those lessons to future projects.


AI-based Algorhythms for picture-based matching of product data

Hanna Köpcke, CTO & Founder @ Webdata Solutions GmbH

As part of the VIP (“Visual Image Product Matching”) research project, we want to teach the great capabilities of the human eye to artificial intelligence together with the University of Leipzig. Our vision is an AI that can process visual information from a large number of images and identify identical products. The talk will cover ai algorithms for image based matching of product data.

Organizing App Teams for fast Flow and Autonomy leads to Product Development Nirvana.

Ralf Jacob, Head of Technology – Mobile @ idealo internet GmbH

A practical example of how to become independent within a larger tech organisation. A Self Contained Systems architectural approach allowed a small product team to deliver business value with native applications at unrivaled pace and with drastically improved happiness.



Rewrite or Refactor That Is the Question

Vladimir Jovanovic, Senior Android Engineer @ Flixbus

Your app is in really bad shape, and you are not sure if you should refactor it or go for a rewrite. This talk will give you all the information necessary to make the right decision. We will follow the Android and iOS teams at FlixBus fighting with legacy code, each in their own way. The Android team chose to refactor their old app, while the iOS team decided to create a brand new application.

Cognitive Business Robotics - Automatic Data Extraction in arbitrary Documents

Bianca Preißler and Toni Das @ AI4BD Deutschland GmbH

We will talk about how to bring automatization to an industrial context, using machine learning, especially computer vision. Exemplarily, as a showcase, we will present a domain-agnostic workflow to extract information from documents and discuss techniques, challenges and successes along the way.



Breakfast & Networking


Kotlin Multiplatform – Another mobile silver bullet?

Anton Augsburg, Technical Lead - Device Platforms @ Vodafone Group Plc

The past has brought forth many aspirants fighting for true “one codebase - all platforms” but none of them fully succeeded. Frameworks like PhoneGap, Xamarin or ReactNative came and disappeared. Join me on a reality check on “Kotlin Multiplatform” and find out why it might be worth a closer look.

Intensive workload management on decentralized cloud infrastructure with Krake

Jean Chorin and Matthias Goerens @ Cloud & Heat Technologies GmbH

Using the open source software Krake, we'll setup a lab to demonstrate how to manage compute intensive workloads' lifecycle. Attendees will learn how to spawn new jobs, increase and decrease the amount of working containers, enable automatic scale down at the end of the job, and see how Krake manages migration of stateless and stateful applications over a decentralized infrastructure.
BYOD: Attendees can participate with their own laptop


Defend your software from yourself

Maksim Gudow @ DevBoost GmbH

Software developers are humans. And human beings are vulnerable to all kinds of biases. I would like to show you the tricky ones and give you advice on how to avoid them, making your software better in the end.

Understanding Azure API Management - 1

Sven Malvik, Team Lead Cloud Platform
@ Vipps AS

APIs are the front door to our micro services. Sometimes we let requests just walk through, other times we do a full body check and give them some additional information on their way. This hands-on tutorial will improve your understanding of Azure API Management.


Applying Exponential Technologies in the Enterprise World

Adrian Kostrz, Innovation Manager AI & Robotics @ itelligence AG

Technology for technology's sake is meaningless. Innovative technologies have made it possible for companies to transform their business models and to better interact with customers. However, as an increasing number of businesses jump on the bandwagon for the latest technology, the question arises whether people are driving technology or are being driven by it. Within this session, we will demonstrate different innovation cases and explain the usage of drones, image recognition, big data, and artificial intelligence in an enterprise environment.

Understanding Azure API Management - 2

Sven Malvik, Team Lead Cloud Platform
@ Vipps AS

Double session, second part.
BYOD: If you want to follow this tutorial, you should bring your laptop with an active Azure account, installed PowerShell with Az module and a Git client.


Lunch & Networking


Meetup Expo


Running Realtime communication services in the cloud with Kubernetes

Sebastian Daehne and Alfred Krohmer @ LogMeIn Germany GmbH

Realtime applications do have different operational requirements than for example micro services. We would like to show how we were able to create an environment for such services in the public cloud by using Kubernetes/Container primitives.

Modern Web and Mobile Development with AWS Amplify

Nils Heuer, Global Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services

As a Frontend Web or Mobile Developer integrating a cloud based backend running on AWS can be daunting at first. This is where AWS Amplify comes in to take care of the heavy lifting of tasks ranging from authentication, hosting and CDN to GraphQL backends and, of course, ML functionality. In this workshop we will do a live walkthrough on how to Amplify a React App while keeping the full flexibility of AWS.


What’s currently hot in AI – review of the latest research findings

Torsten Hartmann, CEO @ Avantgarde Labs GmbH

Researchers and practitioners have pushed the state-of-the-art in many subfields of artificial intelligence in the last years. The presentation gives an overview over some of the most promising publications from leading AI conferences like ICML, NIPS or ACL and leading corporate labs like Google Research or Baidu Research.

Effective App Architecture and State Management in Flutter

Muhammed Salih Güler, Senior Flutter Mobile Developer & Google Developer Expert @ Klar

From the day that Flutter is announced, a lot of companies decided to use it in their production environments. Most of these companies have used it for projects from scratch and as we all know, deciding on an architecture for a brand new application is quite hard. Luckily, Flutter has a lot of great alternative approaches that can be used according to the suitable use-case. In this talk, we are going to go over Flutter's State Management options, how we can use them and last but not least we will learn how we can put all of this information together to create the best architecture for our application.


Evolution 3.0 : solve your everyday problems with genetic algorithm

Mey Beisaron, Backend Developer @ AppsFlyer Inc.

GitOps using Flux: How we manage Kubernetes clusters at Staffbase

Rico Berger, Site Reliability Engineer @ Staffbase GmbH

GitOps is a way to do Kubernetes cluster management and application delivery. It works by using Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. With Git at the center of your delivery pipelines, developers can make pull requests to accelerate and simplify application deployments and operations tasks to Kubernetes.


Coffee Break & Networking


Greener on the other side – What brochures do not tell you about migrating your big data to the cloud

Julian Eberius, Senior Architect - Big Data @ Vodafone Group Plc

Migrating your existing on-prem Big Data applications to the cloud? Don’t let yourself be surprised by differences in performance and pricing! Hear some first-hand experience migrating a trillion-row dataset and its supporting services & data pipelines from on-prem Hadoop to Google BigQuery.

Democratization of robot programming

Christoph Biering, Head of AI & Co-Founder @ Wandelbots GmbH

Dresden based WANDELBOTS has developed an intuitive app as well as gesture-based hardware teaching devices making it possible for EVERYONE to teach a robot. To understand the intention of the user from the demonstration, we’ve come up with an AI-based algorithm to accomplish the task swiftly, autonomously and entirely without the use of additional sensors.To illustrate how this approach is currently realized, I will give you an overview about our teaching process and how AI helps us to make it even faster.


The future belongs to the daring - resilience and failure at Startnext

Lilli Landmann and Gunter Miegel @ Startnext GmbH

1.8 million Euro - the largest Startnext project funding ever on the finish line and still a gap of half a million Euro. The project got successfully funded. But we failed. Despite all preparation we ran into platform issues - not fatal but painful. We want to talk about insights from this experience.

Deep Invoice Learning

Robert Eisele, Head of Data @ Aifinyo

As a digital financial service provider, aifinyo AG aims to make entrepreneurs everyday work even easier by building automated tools for time-consuming tasks. One of those tasks is submitting invoices to be processed. A Deep Learning system now evaluates invoices and extracts all necessary information. This workshop shows the principles of such a processing pipeline to run your own OCR solutions.


Technical SEO demystified for web developers.

Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate @ Google

The web is a great platform to reach a broad audience with our web apps and sites, but to do so we need to make sure that our web apps are findable for our potential users. In this session we will open up the black box of SEO and find out what we can do in our code to make sure our web apps are search-friendly and gather a set of tools to debug and test our sites for discoverability.

Talk to me - The challenge of designing a voice user interface.

Lorena Arendt, Technical Project Manager @ Appsfactory

We will showcase the pitfalls, do's and don'ts when it comes to designing a conversational AI, which is robust and appealing to the user. No strong technical background in conversational AI required.


Closing Talk


Dinner & Networking